you don’t get anything that you don’t work hard for.

It’s been a week of hard work and heavy lifting this week but it’s flown by, I can’t believe we’ve been here a month already! We finished clearing the yard and getting all the work materials onto pallets and in some sort of order, varnished half the decking of the main house and then started on another section of the yard clearing. It was really hot and hard work, but now the yard is looking clearer and the hard work is really paying off. Billy has been being adorable as always, looking a bit bloated at the end of each day from eating so much grass and plants but at least he is getting fitter and surviving! The big boss came over for dinner again in the evening and we watched home and away and house rules before getting an early night, I was physically knackered, so happy to see my pillow! The next day I cleared out the shed with Drew whilst Sammy went to town to pick up a part for the bull dozer that they use to pull scrub. It started to rain around 11am and poor Sammy had to drive back in the pour down which meant he had a bit of a nightmare journey home and had to drive at about 40km an hour post of the way! In the afternoon we continued to paint the cottage as there wasn’t much else we could do!

On Wednesday we finished clearing the shed and outer areas before beginning on the yard right at the front of the house outside the gates. There was basically just a years worth of fallen leaves that we raked up and then added to the bonfire we started building! We had a nice break in the arvo and went for a drive around the property with Drew, saw lots of cattle, tons of bog, there was a lot of water everywhere which is good for the land! Although on our way home Drew shot a roo and cut it up in front us us which I realised I really don’t like to see! At least the dogs had a nice dinner… luckily we had a nice roast and not the roo! I offered to look after the shop this weekend so they could both go down to the polocrosse in St George together so I’ve been doing that all weekend. It’s a lot of responsibility and always a worry that I’m doing something wrong but a lot of fun as well. It’s nice to be in town and getting to know the locals is great too. There has been some beautiful sights on the drive home from Quilpie each day as well so it’s taken me ages to get home as I keep stopping to get pictures! Elle left me her beast of a Toyota so that’s been beautiful to drive. The temperature has really dropped this week, it was only 3 degrees on a morning which is a bit of a sickener, but it warms up really quickly throughout the day luckily.

sunset in Quilpie.

windmill in Quilpie.

sunset on the drive home.


cattle hanging out in the creek.

billy enjoying the sun.



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