central on stockyard.

As I mentioned before I was a bit sceptical about getting our farm work through a working hostel as I’d heard loads of bad things about them, a lot of people saying it can take you ages to get your 88 days done because you’re in and out of work and the hostels are always rubbish etc. but we had a great experience with central on stockyard. As I mentioned before I applied for a job through Gumtree, Izzie at Central emailed me that day to say that the job I’d applied for had gone but she had something else that was basically the same job at a different property, we sent our CV’s through and she spoke to the couple who were looking for employees, that day we heard back that we had got the job! The next morning I called Izzie and asked her all sorts of questions about the hostel, farm etc. the things she couldn’t answer she emailed over to Ellie and she then forwarded to me. Izzie booked the bus from Brisbane to Cunnamulla for us and we paid $128 each.

After the 12 hour journey we arrived at Central at around 7.30pm, Izzie came to meet us off the bus and check us into the hostel which I thought was nice, she did sort of rush through things a bit not showing us where everything was etc. and I’d agreed to work the next day at a social event someone needed staff for and I had to ask her before she dashed off where I was supposed to be and when. We found out the next day she’d been at the pub before coming to meet us so I reckon she was just wanting to get back to it! The rooms at the hostel are lovely, very clean and there are double and single rooms, no dorm rooms as we’d expected! It was quite quiet but there were a few people around who were all really friendly and seemed to love the farm life, one girl in particular, Gillian couldn’t tell us enough about how much she loved farm work, she’d been working at various farms since last November and thought it was the best thing ever!

I worked at a 60th birthday party the next day which was loads of fun and got me excited about getting to our farm, I met Drew’s mum and dad before I’d even met him and Ellie, and everyone else at the party was so friendly and chatty, such a good way to earn some money and get to know a bit about how regional queensland works. During the day there was a Polocrosse match on at the ground in Cunnamulla and apparently every man and his dog, or should I say horse, attends the afterparty in the evening, so we headed down with the people from the hostel to check it out. Basically everyone who has played in the match, spectators and the rest of Cunnamulla goes and gets drunk on very cheaply priced beer, until about midnight when the people working on the bar kick everyone out! It was a good night and there was a DJ playing (mostly country songs) which was awesome, so we just danced and drank which was a pretty good way to spend our second night. We also met Drew who we would be working for and asked him loads of questions about the farm and our jobs etc. we also arranged when to meet him the next day which was good, as no one from the hostel was around when we left on the Sunday!

Overall we had a good experience at Central on Stockyard and although a little on the expensive side ($40 per person per night) it’s worth it for a lovely clean room and the opportunity to get a good job that won’t fall through!


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