the farmer has to be an optimist, or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at cowley, we’ve done all sorts of random jobs recently and added some more skills to our list as well! On monday and tuesday we helped Drew make some fences that will help when it comes to mustering the cattle, they’re basically like a turnstile with one set of gates for the cattle to enter in and one set for them to leave through, when it’s time to muster they close a gate across the exit gate, trapping the cattle in the paddock. It should save them time and money when it comes to mustering later in the year. We got taught how to weld and use the angle grinder as well which was pretty cool, the mask you use is awesome the way it blacks out once you start the welding! We also experienced our first ‘killer’, basically a few sheep are kept around the farm and once they are big and fat they’re shot and used to feed us all! Drew radioed us as we were finishing for the day and asked him to meet him out near the airstrip, so we jumped in the ute and went over and were met by a sheep with it’s throat slit and blood everywhere! It took both the boys to pull the sheep onto the back of the truck, then they hung it up in the yard and did all the guts related stuff, I’m not particularly squeamish but I still don’t really like seeing animals getting cut up so I chose not to watch! A day later the boys used the band saw to cut it up and bagged it up ready for us all to eat. There is so much meat on a sheep that fat it’s crazy! Nothing is wasted when it’s done at home, everything edible is frozen, the guts go to the birds and the left over meat and bones go to the dogs. That weekend we also did a few jobs around the farm as well, including cleaning out the laundry room which had about 5 years worth of mouse droppings everywhere, not a nice job at all! I also cooked a stew for us to eat during the week, homemade pizza, and baked rocky road and another cake which kept me entertained all sunday afternoon!

Another week of busy days followed, I don’t feel like we get much time to chill out in the evenings as we finish work later now that the sun stays up for longer, then by the time we’ve cooked dinner and watched home and away (it’s like a ritual now) it’s nearly time for bed to make sure we aren’t tired the next day. We went down to big creek on Tuesday which is the other property that Drew helps run, we spent the whole day fixing up a drafting station, replacing fences, fixing broken ones and then fixing a bulldozer! It was nearly 8pm by the time we got home and Ellie had started to ring round properties on the way there to see if they’d heard from us or seen us as she was worried we’d broken down! I was so happy to see my bed that night! We spent all the next day driving round Cowley with an industrial sized tank on the back of the ute spraying grazon on all the mulga that grows up on the fences, what a boring job that was. It was so cold and one of us had to drive whilst the other sat on the back spraying, I was so happy when it started to rain and we turned back to the house to avoid getting bogged anywhere. I’d already managed to get the ute bogged in a huge creek filled with mud earlier that day, whoops! It only spat rain for about 20 minutes before stopping so it didn’t do much at all.

learning to weld.


in and out gates to help with mustering.

power tools, yeah!


drafting pen at big creek.

cake baking.


rocky road.

homemade pizza.

in the back of our ute, spraying the mulga.


I spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the shop again so Drew and Ellie could go to polocrosse together again so quite a good few days. It’s got really really cold here the last week or two and whilst usually it gets warm by lunch time it hasn’t been doing that recently so we’ve been so cold all day, especially in the morning! Looking forward to it heating up again! Barry the calf hadn’t come home on Thursday night which is very unlike him, his breakfast was still sitting in his bowl outside the gate when we got back from the shop, but luckily by the time I got back on Friday night he had reappeared, he must have got hungry! Had a nice relaxed evening on Friday before packing up Billy and Splitter on Saturday morning so I could drop Sammy off at Toompine pub. He worked there this weekend as they were short staffed so we all stayed there on Saturday night, you couldn’t pay me to stay at Cowley by myself for the night, way too creepy for me! It was different driving to and from work on the bitchumen road over the weekend, I really enjoyed it for a bit of a change. I spent Sunday afternoon doing washing, cleaning and tidying at Cowley, then chasing the dogs out of the creek at the side of the house as they’d chased a roo down there, so that wasn’t much fun! Luckily I managed to get them all back and in bed just as everyone else was arriving home, what a way to spend your Sunday arvo!

toompine pub.

olly the pup.

billy and his little lamb friend.

me and olly the pup.



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