it’s an experience.

Well it’s fair to say we had a pretty disasterous week last week, on the monday our ute broke down, leaving us stranded in the middle of the outback! So we walked two hours towards home before Drew happened to drive past us and pick us up, somehow he seemed annoyed at us that his piece of crap car had broken down, as if he was the one that had had to walk home all that way, but never mind… we spent the rest of the day weeding the garden which I guess was punishment! We’ve always been told never to leave the car if you break down somewhere, but I figured that was when you were in a paddock or somewhere you didn’t know, and as we were on a road we know we figured we’d be okay. I wrote a message to Drew in the dirt telling him which way we’d gone and off we went with our hats on, suncream on and our bottles of water! The next day our quad then broke down and we couldn’t even leave the house to go and do any of the jobs we’d been given! Luckily we’d been left a list of things around the yard to do so we cracked on with that before having to explain to Drew that something else had broken! Although the quad was fairly easily fixed thank god, which meant the next day we were then able to head out to spray mulga bushes that are growing up into the fences and wrecking them. The weather has been getting warmer which meant that the next few days that we spent spraying were in the sunshine and really pretty enjoyable, I even got a bit of colour back finally.

After some more mulga spraying on the Saturday morning we all went to a creek about 45 minute drive, yet still on our property, to catch some yabby’s! We put some bait meat in our nets and chose a spot each to leave them overnight, I was so excited to get back the next day and check them! First though we had a lovely lie in on Sunday morning, although I did choose that one morning to Skype Dad so mine was only until 7.30, which was a nice change from 6.30! We headed back to the creek to see what our yabby nets had turned up! We took some food and drinks down with us and it was so warm over the weekend that we had a brilliant time all sat in the sun. The gabby catching was pretty successful, Sammy caught 7 in his net! We set a few actual fishing lines up but they didn’t bring us any joy unfortunately, so we went back to the house as it was getting to dark to get an early night ready for another Monday morning.

beautiful creek for yabbying.


yabby net complete with bait.


drew, ellie and sam


sammy and myself.




yabby entree.


 The rest of the week was spent welding, painting, cleaning, and digging out a grid so the cows can’t get across as they’ve managed to figure out how to do so. We’ve also built an offloading ramp with Drew to make unloading cattle easier, it’s not quite finished as there is another set of bars to go across it but I’m so proud of it so far! It’s completely built from scratch and looks so good! Sometimes I can’t believe all the DIY related things I’ve learnt, I’m so excited to buy my own house now and start doing that up.

the start of our offloading ramp.


posts cemented in and supports welded on.


ready to be filled with dirt and become a proper ramp.



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