farm life.

Five things I’ve learnt about farm life so far…

One, shut the gate. Always, always, always shut every gate, whether you’re going straight back through the gate a second later or there is nothing that can escape through the gate or there is nothing in the field/building/area that you think needs to be shut in, shut the gate anyway!

Two, polocrosse is everything. Polocrosse is a mix between polo and lacrosse, played on horses with a lacrosse stick and people in regional queensland are mad for it. Nearly every weekend in the winter there is a match on in various towns around the south west and they play three games on the saturday and three on the sunday. Everyone makes a big weekend of it and tends to go to whichever venue the match is held at on the Friday and stays until the Sunday afternoon. They also talk about it a lot and plan their wholes lives around it!

Three, rain is actually everything. Aside from polocrosse the other thing south westerns talk about all the time is rain. It’s all farmers want year round and they get real excited when it gets forecast. I think the area we’re in has been in drought for the last few years, the ground is pretty bare and they actually have to pull trees and bushes down every so often to create enough food for the cattle to eat. When it rains everyone is in a brilliant mood for about an hour until the roads bog, gutters leak and the creeks come up and everyone gets stuck all over the place!

Four, something will always need fixing. Farmers tend to go in circles because there is always something that has broken, or needs repairing or just won’t work, it’s a constant struggle to get jobs finished without stuff breaking or something going wrong.

Five, the water smells terrible. In the outback they drink bore water which comes out of the ground at a borehead a few kilometers from the homestead, this water absolutely stinks of rotten eggs! I can’t even see past the smell to drink the stuff, so it’s lucky we have one tap in the kitchen that runs rainwater, or I’d be dehydrated a hell of a lot of the time!


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