sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Sometimes I really wonder why bad people often get away with terrible things that they do, yet good, kind and loving people get hurt and the shit end of the stick. On Thursday night Elle’s mum Bunny was in a horrific car accident and was flown to the hospital at the Gold Coast, the car she driving was in pieces and she’d been flung 50m from the car, for the last week she’s been in an induced coma awaiting tests and scans to see the true extent of the damage. Bunny is literally one of the nicest, can’t do enough to help you, genuine people I’ve ever met, so friendly and so sweet, I can’t understand why something so terrible would have to happen to her. Because of all this going on our last week has been a bit up in the air and all over the place, we’re just trying to keep things going our end so the family has less to worry about over there, which is about all we can do for now.

My farm related posts may be a little few and far between over the next couple of weeks as we try to get our heads around everything that’s going on and what to do next etc. We’re in our last month now which is crazy to think, I’ve gone through so many stages of wanting to stay here forever because I love it so much, to hating it and wanting to jump on a bus back to Brisbane! Whilst I want to stick around to help everyone out here, I think I’m at the point now where I want to get back to city lights and our own place to live and the gym and friends and being a person not just a ‘backpacker’!


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