why travelling as a couple is great too.

There is quite a big thing at the minute regarding travelling independently and how great it is, which having done myself I can completely agree it is very empowering and great to be able to decide exactly what you do and when, without having to think about others, but it’s also great to travel with someone too! When I first decided I wanted to move to Australia to work I had been with my partner about a year and was completely committed to him and the relationship, but travelling is something I need to do whereas he wasn’t too bothered at the time, needless to say he wasn’t down for moving to the other side of the world in a few months time! After a couple of arguments and very serious discussions I decided I was definitely leaving at the end of the year and if that meant going alone then I was okay with that. I wasn’t okay with that meaning the end for us but to me I could happily have been another solo traveller, not having to think about what someone else wanted to do, moving on whenever I felt like it and being a twenty first century, independent woman.

As is pretty obvious from my blog posts he did change his mind just a few hours later and agreed to come with me and I couldn’t have been happier! Whilst I’m happy to be alone I also love to have someone with me to enjoy the travel experience, there’s something great about having someone by your side who appreciates the same awesome stuff as you, to stress with you when you get lost in various city’s or on random road trips, to look out for you when you’re in a new and unknown place and who also doesn’t want to settle in one place for a while, who gets itchy feet in the same way you do.

“This was, I realised, a beautiful planet. Maybe it was the most beautiful of all. But beauty creates its own troubles. You look at a waterfall or an ocean or a sunset and find yourself wanting to share it with someone.” – Matt Haig, The Humans.

Having someone there to share all the incredible things you see whilst travelling such incredible countries really is amazing, especially someone you love, family or friends or in my case my partner, I feel so much love in the minutes spent sat on a beach enjoying a sunset that fills the sky with the most beautiful colours, or at the summit of a mountain we’ve just climbed looking out over the incredible views, it’s just so great to take someones hand and enjoy it together. I know that is incredibly soppy but it’s so true. Travelling with someone else is stressful and difficult and a complete pain at times, there are arguments and emotional high’s and low’s, but in those great moments together it makes it all worth it. Plus if you and your partner can survive something so incredibly stressful, get over all the bickering and disagreeing on who’s right and who’s wrong, think how strong the relationship can grow to be in the future.

Just because I can’t commit to a postcode, car, phone contract, job or much else, doesn’t mean I can’t commit to a relationship and have the time of my life on the other side of the world at the same time!


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