working holiday visa, for the win.

Hands down the best way to travel to Australia and make the most out of your trip and budget is to go on a working holiday visa. There are several benefits to choosing this over working your butt off in your home country to save up enough money to leave, mainly:

You can leave as soon as you want! All you need is enough money to catch a flight and you’re good to go, I’d probably recommend saving a little bit extra just so you can survive and make the most out of the first few days/weeks that you’re job searching, but depending on how well you save, you could be on that plane after one pay cheque.

By working abroad you can see so much more of a place and get to know the local culture, instead of moving from place to place every few days/weeks as you travel, you can really immerse yourself in the city or town you’re in, always good for discovering hidden gems. Plus you won’t just make friends in your hostel, you’ll meet people that know the area, and you know they won’t be leaving you in a few days or weeks to move on to somewhere else!

It’s also pretty easy to get work as a traveller, especially if English is your first language or you speak it very well. In England we seem to have a real problem with employment, not that I’ve ever particularly struggled, but if you’re in that situation then a working holiday visa to Australia could be a more exciting solution than staying put in England. It also doesn’t seem to be a problem that you’ll only be in the country for a year to employers, obviously an office job or something that requires commitment is often out of the question but hospitality, retail, things like that are easy to come by.

You can gain so much more experience working in maybe a different role to your job back home, particularly working in a different environment where the staff and customers all think differently to what you’re used too. It’s good to get a bit of variety under your belt.

When/if you do decide to return home, your CV will look pretty good as well, not only have you travelled the world and seen places some people can only dream of seeing, you didn’t just run off travelling without a care in the world, you worked hard, adjusted yourself to a different environment and lifestyle and still dragged yourself to work the day after a hostel night out or an all day drinking session, committed and hard working, damn right you are!

It doesn’t have to be all work and no play either, you can work for a few months in one place, see all the sights, then move somewhere else and start working again. By staying in Melbourne for four months I ended up seeing so much more of Victoria than I ever planned too, I thought I’d do the great ocean road and that would be it, instead I saw everything there was to see in Melbourne, the great ocean road, the grampians, phillip island, dandenong ranges, all kinds of suburbs and rural victoria, it was such a great experience.

So in short, in my opinion, a working holiday visa is always the answer! Even if you end up doing more holiday than working, at least the option to work is there, just incase you do need it.



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