bucket list.

I’ve really enjoyed reading other bloggers bucket lists recently and as an avid fan of making lists in general I think they’re a great idea to motivate you to get stuff done. The last time I updated my bucket list I was 18 (!) and so I thought it was about time to combine the old with the new and decide what was really important for me to get out of life and my travels. I also added things that I’d done before I even started my bucket list, that if I hadn’t already been lucky enough to do would definitely be on my list, so here is my updated 2015 bucket list:

-coachella, california

-go to the superbowl

empire state building

eiffel tower

gondola ride, venice

glastonbury festival

get a degree

-loy krathong, thailand

-aurora borealis

-swim with dolphins

swim over lake bled

-carnival, brazil

-see the pyramids


visit pompei

-watch a muay thai fight in asia

-send a message in a bottle

solo travel

cn tower

-burj khalifa

-visit the hobbit houses, new zealand

kiss the blarney stone, ireland

-petra, jordan

-read war and peace

-salt flats, bolivia

see a wombat

-have a sari made in india

-holi festival, india

-san fermin festival, spain

-see the tomb raider cave

sleep under the stars

-day of the dead, mexico

-learn to surf in australia

see outback australia

-christmas markets, germany

-travel across all seven continents

whale watching

-visit the seven wonders

-nottinghill carnival

climb an active volcano

-learn to tango in argentina

-achieve big in my career

take a helicopter ride over something beautiful

niagara falls

-african safari

-travel along route 66

-hot air balloon over bagan, myanmar

-learn another language

-ice fishing

I imagine there are tons of other things that I’ve thought I need to do to make my life complete but for now, this is a good start. Nearly everything on my list is travel related, which is fine because travel is the only thing that really completes me, but maybe I’ll realise that bringing world peace or curing an illness will be more important in a few years time! As I re-read the original list I’d forgotten that some things were on there, like surfing in Australia is something I really wanted to do, yet I’ve been living here for 9 months now and I still haven’t come close to learning to surf! Once we leave the outback and get somewhere vaguely near the ocean I’d better start ticking off some more of my list…


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