the next adventure.

I’m super excited that the day has finally come for us to go and see some more of what beautiful Australia has to offer! After 16 weeks in the incredible outback, learning skills for life and meeting awesome friends the time has come for us to move on and explore a bit more. We’re heading to the northern territory for a couple of weeks to see what that has to offer, before driving over to Cairns to meet my Dad and Gill who are coming over to visit us for a couple of weeks!

The most beautiful people that I’ve met out here are Bob and Lorraine who have loaned us a car to make the trip in, everyone say hello to Suzie the Subaru! She’ll be taking us on this awesome journey and probably providing a bed for the night along the way.

I’m pretty sad to be leaving but at the same time it’s definitely time to head out of the small town vibe and see some new stuff. Needless to say I’m devastated to be leaving Billy, our tiny goat who is essentially like a child to us! For now another beautiful resident of Quilpie, Leila, has agreed to look after him for us on her property, where he will have two calves as new friends! Hopefully we’re going to be reunited in a couple of months, watch this space!

It’s not goodbye, just see you later…


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