a lot of rocks and a hitchhiker.

On our way back up to alice springs we stopped off at curtin springs where we had camped the night before to fuel up and got talking to someone who was heading to kings canyon. We’d decided to give it a miss after a helicopter pilot had told us the road down there was dirt, but the girl we spoke to said it was all bitchumen, which I was really happy about as I didn’t want to miss out on something I’d heard was really awesome. Just as we were about to set off we saw the group of people who had hit a cow the night before, there car was completely undrivable and one of them was about to hitchhike back up to Alice Springs to rent a car and come and pick the rest of the group up, so obviously we offered to give him a lift via kings canyon instead. After a few hundred km of detour we reached Kings Canyon to find the walk to the canyon was a couple of hours and we were running out of daylight, oh dear. Not impressed we went on a shorter walk to see a bit of the canyon but nothing super spectacular, I’m glad we went as I wouldn’t like to think I’d missed out but we probably could have saved the fuel and time really! Below are a few shots of the not so epic rocks!

12074842_10156069437205142_6505637245912873515_n 12079575_10156069437170142_1809804297694451001_n 12108096_10156069437485142_1141949764191119949_n 12115416_10156069437150142_3935334768897509643_n

Our new travel buddy Stef provided plenty of new chat and gave us all some new topics of conversation on the long drive back to Alice which was great. When we arrived in Alice just as it was getting dark the people who Stef thought he could stay with turned out to be away, not wanting to just kick him out at a hostel we decided we’d camp together instead. It took us ages to find somewhere to stay that was reasonably priced but when we did the fella who was working even gave us a discount, a great end to the day! Topped off with a warm shower and great facilities, overall a successful trip and we even earned some good karma points.

Stef and Sam outside one of the overpriced fuel stations, nearly back in Alice!



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