nitmiluk national park.

 Our next stop after Katherine was the beautiful Nitmiluk National Park. A quick stop at Woolies for some supplies and after a visit to the Aboriginal Gallery on the way we arrived at a lovely campsite complete with camp kitchen, showers, bbq’s and a pool, luxury! $24 a night is not bad value for all the amenities available! There were also loads of wallabies hanging around the campsite that were obviously really used to people as they came up so close to say hello! We had another really chilled out evening swimming, cooking dinner and enjoying a nice cold cider, courtesy of the bag of ice we had bought in town, luxury all round for this part of the trip!

aboriginal art at the gallery.


didgeridoos at the gallery.


feeding wallabies at the gallery.


The only thing we’ve really spent money on so far on this trip has been fuel, food, drink, national park fees and campsites, as generally that’s enough to make us happy 🙂 but at Nitmiluk we decided to book a half day canoe rental at $80 for both of us, as apart from some epic walking it’s the only way to really see Katherine Gorge, the main attraction of the national park. A word of advice to couples, if you want to avoid an early divorce then please rent two single canoes rather than a double, trust me it’s worth it! The double canoes are SO hard to control and luckily it wasn’t just us that were struggling, I think every couple we spoke to who had thought renting a double canoe would be a lovely romantic thing to do were quickly regretting it haha! Once we had canoed along the first gorge we parked our canoe and took the short walk to the next set of canoes over some rocks, there were lots of single canoes so we decided we’d take a break from the stress of a double and go in our own! Single canoes are so much easier to control luckily, so we explored the second gorge without any stress! Katherine gorge is so pretty, I think canoeing there was one of my favourite things we did on the trip! We jumped back in the double canoe to make our way back and luckily it was a lot less stressful this time, the wind was behind us and we just sort of floated back to where we had started.

lifejacket selfie.


katherine gorge.

12143092_10156086902770142_26228999618981775_n 12141693_10156086896665142_5517576178045544437_n 12079240_10156086896365142_3504308313250521725_n 12112026_10156086896815142_7761400932247742489_n 12072652_10156086900290142_3464565715465212610_n 12065983_10156086896175142_4009122293138547293_n 12106924_10156086899425142_4314426360638367966_n 12122836_10156086900580142_4705659999875780266_n

Our next stop was Edith Falls, around 50km north of Katherine. There’s a steepish but fairly easy walk just over a km to the main pool of the falls which are absolutely beautiful! A bit of a difference from the thermal pools the water wasn’t the warmest, but it was still lovely to swim in. We climbed onto some of the rocks and jumped in, sat under the falls getting a massage and swam amongst all the rocks with the fish, it was an amazing way to spend the afternoon! When we finally managed to tear ourselves away we drove a bit further up north to the tiny Adelaide River to camp for the night. The showground has a campsite with showers, bbq, laundry and a pool and is only $15 per night! Such a bargin. Had a great night cooking dinner and chatting to a Polish and Chinese couple, he was a sea plane pilot in the Maldives, what a life!

edith falls.

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