clearly not a city person.

After a night at the campsite in Adelaide River we woke up early and decided to head to Darwin, it had clouded over quite a bit so it seemed better to waste a bad weather day in the city instead. Darwin is really small, very clean, with lots of world war two history… but that’s about it. I am usually such a city person but for some reason Australian cities really do not do it for me, we only spent the day there and that was enough for us! It’s a lovely place and the history is great, we did a bit of shopping and had a bbq by the beach at the east reserve and then decided there were lots of other amazing places to see so we left! I reckon Darwin would be an amazing night out and if we were staying in a hostel for a few days or something it would have been good to do, but this trip was about national parks and the great outdoors, so after we’d seen enough we headed out.

view of the city.


the harbour front.


beautiful flowers.


street sculpture.

12065988_10156086903560142_1217979919816102786_n 12072660_10156086903645142_3759503961435897120_n12107251_10156086903580142_875070979085693410_n

parlimentary house.


darwin bombing.


the east reserve. 12119067_10156086905175142_8394035560755832238_n

On our way to litchfield national park we stopped off at berry springs, another amazing springs perfect for swimming! I think I’ve spent more time in the water than on land on this trip!

11222176_10156086905310142_2611063292482797201_n 12074904_10156086905385142_4008709766671783395_n 12079238_10156086905430142_9098915064195985957_n 12105774_10156086905445142_2717527464404702352_n

We arrived at Litchfield Tourist Park just before dark, I’d seen it advertised before and it seemed to be the most popular place to stay in the park. We’d also got a 10% discount voucher which made it more appealing too! The welcome was less appealing however, to say it’s a family run business the customer service wasn’t what I expected, we drove into the park past reception as it was closed, trying to find the unpowered sites, a girl appeared from nowhere chasing us down to go back to the closed reception, where she was less than friendly and just generally acted like she didn’t want us to be there! Luckily the campsite was lovely which made up for it! We did some washing, made some dinner and got chatting to a family who were on holiday, with lots of tips for Kakadu National Park for us which was great. After a great dinner we relaxed with a couple of drinks before getting another early night!


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