litchfield national park.

Another day, another national park for us, this time we were exploring Litchfield, which is just basically filled with waterfalls! There’s just one main road going through the park and all the various falls and points of interest are just off smaller roads, some of these are 4WD and as we only have an AWD we couldn’t go down them, but I think the best spots are off the normal roads anyway. Our first stop was the magnetic termite mounds, there’s a bit of interesting science to read… and that’s about it, the termite mounds themselves aren’t very interesting, the ones you drive past at the side of the roads are way better!

12088089_10156086905525142_5078373035345408620_n 12112166_10156086905635142_2723838434854012826_n

Next stop is Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole, we of course went swimming in the falls, it was pretty busy despite our usual early start so there were a lot of people, it was still good fun though and very pretty.



After a refreshing swim we went to Tolmer Falls, you can’t actually swim in these falls but you can take a great walk to a view point for a good lookout, there are huge colonies of bats living there as well so I imagine you could see similar sights to Mataranka if you visited near sunset time.

12096263_10156086905740142_649614219802486512_n 12105730_10156086906100142_608609440889204031_n

The rest of the day was spent at Wangi Falls, my favourite so far! It was so beautiful there and there weren’t that many people around either which was nice. There was however a film crew there filming from one of the far lookouts, not sure what they were filming for but what a great backdrop for whatever it was! Strangely there was also wifi there, so we had a bit of a sit down and I tried desperately to catch up on my blog! Lack of wifi and a constant flat battery on my laptop has made it a bit difficult.



We only spent a day and a night at Litchfield as we had seen everything we wanted too, we don’t rush round but I think our early starts mean we often fit a lot more into a day than some people. If you visited as a family I think you could spend a couple of days there, very relaxing place but still with lots to do.


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