kakadu national park.

Probably my favourite national park that we’ve been too seeing as I’ve visited more of them than most Australians have, I think I’m okay to judge! Kakadu has the most interesting landscape of all the national parks, there’s wetlands, forest, rock formations, a bit of everything really. On our way there from Litchfield we passed the Window on the Wetlands centre, which has a great lookout onto the wetlands, where hundreds of buffalo were just hanging out! Such an awesome sight.

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The fee for Kakadu is $25 per person which is pretty worth it for all the amazing things you can see there. After scouting out our campsite for the night, there are quite a few free campsites in Kakadu as well, we drove to Ubirr which someone had recommended for sunset. Luckily we got there in plenty of time as there were absolutely loads of rock paintings there as well, I didn’t realise that was what it was actually famed for, the sunset was just a bonus! The rock paintings are better than any others I’ve seen, they are so clear it looks like they were done last week! The sunset is also absolutely beautiful, the sun was huge and so orange, something that pictures just don’t seem to pick up,



rock paintings at ubirr.

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sunset at ubirr.

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We’d also been told to go and see the crocodiles at Cahills Crossing at high tide as apparently a lot of them gather there to feed, we’d googled high tide and so went there straight after sunset. There were quite a few salt water crocs swimming around when we arrived, as it got dark we shone lights into the river and you could just see their eyes staring back at you! So creepy! We didn’t get to see them feeding like we’d been told but it was awesome enough just to see them at all. We headed back to our campsite and set up for the night, we’d googled high tide the next morning so decided to try again for the crocs then.


Another early start and we went back to Cahills Crossing, got there well before high tide, waited until after high tide, still no feeding! The water level didn’t change at all, so frustrating, but I guess with it still being the dry season there isn’t enough water for much to happen. We did see lots of crocs again though, this time one even got out of the river and sat on the road crossing for ages! It was so big, I can’t even imagine how terrifying it would be to be in the water with one of them! He just sat there for so long until a car came to cross, even then they had to drive right up to him before he moved, don’t think I’d argue with one of them either!

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The rest of the day we spent visiting Jabiru, having a BBQ by the lake, at Bowali Visitors Centre, Yellow Waters and Coinda. All such beautiful places. We also went to Nourlangie rock to see more rock paintings, they are just incredible! It was so hot though even the couple of kilometre walk was killing us. The main thing I had wanted to do in Kakadu was see Jim Jim Falls, not realising that they were at the end of a 65km long dirt track 😦 obviously we attempted the road just to see (we never learn) but of course the corrugations were so bad as soon as we hit the dirt we just had to admit defeat. If anyone has been to Jim Jim Falls please send pictures! I’m so glad we went to Kakadu, if it’s not on your list for your NT trip add it on there, right now!

rock formations.


jabiru lake.


yellow waters.


yellow waters.


more rocks.


nourlangie rock.


nourlangie rock.



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