crystal clear.

We had barely got out of Townsville before we reached the next beautiful place we wanted to stop at, Little Crystal Creek. I assume it’s named that as the water is so clear, cold, but clear! There’s places to swim and rocks to jump off and a little bridge and it was all very picturesque, just how I imagined the coast of Queensland to be really! There’s also a Big Crystal Creek so obviously we went there as well, there’s a swimming area called Paradise Hole which is beautiful, a lot bigger than Little Creek so loads of places to swim. There’s a small bit of dirt track on the way to Big Creek but it’s only short and it turns back to bitchumen after a kilometre or so.

little creek.

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big creek.

12118722_10156101419040142_6721225143661488527_n 12107225_10156101418315142_8936540926985160428_n

Back on the road towards Cairns we passed Frosty Mangoes, an amazing little cafe that serves mango everything, plus other stuff made from the different fruits they grow on their property. Obviously we went for mango ice cream, and also had a cheeky try of the watermelon and passionfruit, all of which were AMAZING and everyone has to try one if they go that way! I also got some pictures with the giant mango out the front of the cafe, ha!

12088322_10156101419395142_3371894034655083805_n 12118780_10156101419605142_4574112778495685242_n

Out next stop was Wallaman Falls, a bit of a detour from the highway but completely worth it. On the way we passed hundreds of sugar cane fields completely covering the landscape, as well as lots of train tracks that look a bit like toy ones so we didn’t pay much attention to them. That was until we saw a huge sugar cane train pulling loads of carts of the cane, it was so long! There are lots of tracks like this in Queensland so just be on the lookout for them as some don’t have a traffic signal, you just have to check for trains yourself. After a very windy road up into the mountains we reached the falls, what a beautiful view! Wallaman Falls has the highest, permanent, single drop falls in Australia so as you can imagine it was pretty spectacular.

sugar cane train.


wallaman falls.


view on the drive up to the falls.


the falls.


Cardwell was on my list of places to visit, when we arrived I wasn’t sure why! It’s a nice little town but there wasn’t really anything to do there, I had thought we’d stay and camp for the evening but with not much to do we decided to carry on to mission beach instead. We did however stop and get a picture of the giant crab at one of the seafood restaurants there. Aussies love giant versions of stuff so you often see oversized bananas, kangaroos, prawns etc. on top of shops and cafes!


Finally we arrived at Mission Beach on the Callowary Coast and set up camp at the camp ground next to the beach, which is $21 a night for an unpowered site, they have a camp kitchen, toilets, showers etc. so it’s pretty well set up. After cooking some dinner we went to the beach with some friends we’d met there to sit round the fire. They had a little portable fire pit, firewood, speakers and chairs so we were sorted for the evening, what more do you need!

12140671_10156101417240142_6444108413821273646_n 12144732_10156101416000142_3971699097762459799_n 12088489_10156101417815142_5415176373753766958_n


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