the tropics.

Well the tropical coast has earned it’s name since we arrived, the weather was less than kind to us at Mission Beach and seemed to follow us up the coast as well! We woke up really early as usual so got up and went to explore. There are lots of cute little cafes and shops nearby where we camped that we had a little walk round in the morning, before we decided there wasn’t much to do if we couldn’t lie on the beach due to the wind and on and off rain.

wongaling beach, near misson beach.

12079249_10156101419090142_5886853139849352893_n 12144662_10156101417800142_4476557091804450838_n

giant cassowary!


We set off up to Innisfail and had a bit of a look round there, but apart from the picturesque river and boats there wasn’t much else to do, so we continued up the highway to Cairns. We planned on spending the day there but it was so windy and we’re coming back that way so thought we’d save it for when we travel back through in the hope that the weather sorts itself out. The next stop then was Palm Cove, another spot that would have been beautiful if it wasn’t so windy! We did stop and BBQ some lunch and sit by the sea, but after loosing food to the wind we packed up and carried on.

palm cove.


On our way to Port Douglas we were lucky enough to see a hang glider taking off from a cliff at Rex Lookout, we had just stopped to see the lookout but next thing we knew there was a giant hang glider taking someone out on a tandem. It looked awesome, not so awesome that I fancied a go myself, but still amazing! By the time we reached Port Douglas it was barely the afternoon, which was good as the weather was a lot nicer that way, still a bit windy but lovely and sunny as well. We spent the afternoon wandering the beautiful main street, which was full of wonderful little shops, selling the kinds of things I would buy if we weren’t on a ‘space in the car budget’! So many lovely trinkets, art, jewellery and home things, such a great place.

12106801_10156106703895142_4946985879358725096_n 12088139_10156106703885142_7241776184715374397_n


shopping in port douglas.

12088334_10156106703970142_5683795599414308886_n 12144888_10156106704025142_8952509003870913354_n 12096126_10156106704070142_6339384377823491344_n 12106929_10156106704310142_1659285032761641754_n

st marys.


the marina.

12088192_10156106705875142_8470585322720834010_n 12074947_10156106704380142_2744286636778362462_n 12079339_10156106705945142_6089391384344967771_n

such a holiday vibe.

12079071_10156106706120142_3121342308691858717_n 12118754_10156106704285142_970186652011569171_n

view from the lookout.

10013025_10156106704305142_7299526008997596136_n 12072836_10156106704195142_8987200224386222498_n

After deciding the campsites were a bit expensive, there’s not much choice so the prices are high, we thought we may as head up to Cape Tribulation and stay the night there instead. Super excited as you have to get a ferry over to Daintree and then head up to the Cape, I do love a good ferry!


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