cape tribulation.

The short drive from port douglas takes you through the small village of Mossman before you reach the Daintree Rainforest ferry port. The journey on the ferry is about 2 minutes long so it’s over before you know it! It also costs $25 per car which is pretty steep, but I guess you could look at it as an entry fee to the rainforest as well which makes it seem a bit better. We didn’t have much light left for the day so we drove straight to our campsite at Noah Beach, to set up for the night. There are just toilets, no other amenities at the campsite, but for $12 it’s hard to complain. As soon as we’d got the tent up we went straight to the beach which was about 5 metres from our site, the view is stunning, white sand and beautiful green forest, absolutely amazing! After a few drinks I got an early night, only to be woken by crazy intense rain an hour or so later, it hammered down for about half an hour!

on the ferry.


cheap camping.


noah beach.

11802511_10156106706580142_5830888496056524532_o 12108238_10156106706365142_1132168316567187262_n 12109305_10156106706305142_5444795067002732193_n

sand between toes, what a feeling.


The rainforest lived up to it’s name and we had more heavy rain in the morning at about 5am, by 7 it was sunny and blue skies again! We had a little walk on the beach before jumping in the car and driving up to cape tribulation. The beach there was truly stunning, perfect white sand, palm trees everywhere, amazing! I’ve been expecting the water in all the places we’ve been along the coast to be crystal clear and really calm, but because of the wind it’s been a bit murky looking and really choppy, not the best. We spent a couple of hours relaxing on the beach, where the breeze was actually a blessing, before going for a walk a few kilometres along, it’s so picturesque everywhere. In the afternoon we set off back towards the ferry, stopping at a couple of other beaches and Alexandra’s Lookout as well to take some pictures. We had a BBQ in Mossman where the wind seemed to totally die down for once which was nice! As we loved Port Douglas so much and some of our friends from Melbourne were also there we decided to go back but to stay this time, the car also hit 10,000km on the way there, such a milestone!

morning at noah beach.


cape tribulation.

12118853_10156106706535142_4210409764928928752_n 12091244_10156106707045142_8344052878371223545_o 12079531_10156106707525142_6070883168860053748_n 12107974_10156106707515142_7979171238546224108_n 12140708_10156106707010142_4413931110416240116_n 12112359_10156106707270142_9002654019814425089_n

alexandra lookout.

12112359_10156106707680142_7116322925733768478_n 12088367_10156106707250142_8131884256398827973_n

just before we hit 10,000km.



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