port douglas.

Our first stop back in Port Douglas was a great little bar called Iron Bar, we met Antoine and Pauline, two friends from our original group from the hostel in Melbourne. It’s so strange to see someone in a different town when you only associate them with that one place. We had a great night involving lots of cocktails, which was lovely, we then went back to the campsite they were staying at and sat in their camp talking for the rest of the night. There are a few people in various campervans that have been staying there quite long term and we got chatting to the rest of them which was fun, some of the set ups in the campervans are amazing! Big mattress double beds, shelving, storage space, kitchens, absolutely awesome! We also ran in to the couples we had met at Mission Beach a couple of days before which was lovely! Somehow it got pretty late very quickly, so I was not impressed when we were woken really early the next morning by more torrential rain!

cocktails at ironbar.


Once I’m awake I struggle to get back to sleep so we went into town to a lovely café called ‘Wrapped Up’ I had an amazing strawberry, blueberry and yoghurt smoothie, such a good way to start the day. After that we spent the day relaxing at the campsite, the weather turned out really sunny and warm so it was a lovely day. We were planning on going down to ‘Portoberfest’, a German beer festival which sounded like it would be a good day out, somehow though we didn’t even set off walking down to the marina until about 7pm, oops! When we did get there however we paid $10 entry each, which was pretty reasonable, until we saw the prices of the beer! There was only one German beer available, the rest was Stella, San Miguel and Great Northern, a tiny 330ml Koppaberg was $9.50 and the steins were $25! There was an awful band playing which was just one guy playing guitar and one singing, and no one was dancing, just overall not a great atmosphere! Such a shame as we’d heard it would be great which is why we finally moved ourselves from the campsite, really we should have just stayed and carried on drinking there!

antoine, sammy, me, pauline and james.


pauline, antoine and me.




alexi, me and jas.


sammy, donna and seb.


me and jas.


On the Sunday morning we went down to the market by the marina which was lovely, there were loads of different stalls, clothing, jewllery, home stuff, fruit, and coffee, a bit of everything! It was more expensive than the shops in town but still great to walk round and have a wander through. Once we’d got back to the hostel and showered and had breakfast it started to rain, again, but this time it wasn’t over in a few minutes and then sunny again, instead it carried on alllllll morning, not good! Luckily it cleared up by the afternoon and we were able to head down to Paws and Claws, a dog and cat shelter on the outskirts of the town. It’s a great little place and you can take the dogs out for walks which is why we went there. We took two dogs out called Hadley and Tippy, they were so cute and friendly I can’t believe anyone would abandon them and that no one had adopted them yet! After a lovely walk on the beach with the dogs we went back to the campsite and had a chilled out evening with everyone which was great.

port douglas sunday market.

120024 12141632_10156110415085142_6168337246916001545_n 

dog walks.


paw, hadley.

12109048_10156110417070142_8775425012859517701_n 12144758_10156110416700142_7941000093109396402_n 12144702_10156110419085142_1086891023964172444_n



We had planned to leave on Monday and go to Cairns but instead decided to stay for another night as we love Port Douglas so much. We went back to the dog shelter and took two different dogs out this time, Patch and Toby who were only about a year old, so cute! After another beach walk with them we went to the famous Mocka’s Pies for breakfast, they do kangaroo, crocodile, all kinds of random combinations, but we stuck to a pretty normal flavour each, then decided to try a really small crocodile pie, it was nice ish, not something I’d try again I don’t think but it has to be done once! The rest of the day was spent at the beach in the beautiful sunshine and light breeze, then cooking dinner and hanging out with the gang in the camp site. Such a great few days, will be sad to say ‘see you later’ and head off!

toby and patch.

12144900_10156112457240142_5424628336623279538_n 12119151_10156112458910142_6611441680142108762_n 12096148_10156112455575142_1842600572445592027_n 11227575_10156112458455142_1442500850843654284_n

mocka’s pies.


breakfast, tuna and crocodile pie.



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