quilpie races and rodeo.

The last couple of weeks we were in Quilpie there were some great events on in Quilpie that we’ve been lucky enough to attend.

On the 12th September there was the Quilpie Show and Rodeo which attracts people from all over south west qld. There are stalls, competitions, pet parades, performers and loads of great stuff for the kids. It’s an all day event and there’s always something going on at the racecourse and show ground where it’s held. The main event though is definitely the rodeo on the evening which we of course absolutely loved, I’m pretty sure it’s the first rodeo I’ve been too as well. I didn’t realise the riders only had to stay on for 8 seconds, which I’m sure seems like a lifetime to them but was over so quickly to me! Luckily there was also the bar there to keep us entertained and it was a great chance to catch up with our other pommy friends, Jess who worked for our boss’s brother and Laura and Gina who work at Toompine Pub. I also finally got to chat to an American backpacker called Anne who I’ve seen in the newsagency but never had the chance to speak to. After the rodeo there was a fireworks display which was pretty cool, and then there was just the bar and a great live band for us to dance away too! Another night in Quilpie that ended with a bit too much alcohol consumed, nothing that a sausage roll from the bakery couldn’t fix the next morning!

me, laura, gina and sam pre rodeo.


that’s a scary 8 seconds.


rider chasing his bull.


wouldn’t catch me trying that.


me and jess, a few drinks down!


firework display.


On our last weekend in Quilpie town the Pride of the West races were held which were a really awesome day out! It was a bit of a rush to get ready between closing the shop at 12 and the races beginning at 1, but somehow managed it and even donned a pair of heels, for the first time since I moved to Australia in January! It was fun to get dressed up and was a great way to get to say goodbye to everyone. It’s a bit of an odd set up there, there are no bookies, just one desk where you put your bets on and then if your horse wins they just divide up the total pot between the winners and work out how much you’re owed, so strange! Had a fantastic day though and we won all the races we put bets on which made a nice change. Unfortunately though a horse died before the last race and the rider was injured which was a bit sad, they called off the last race of course but the last we heard the rider was still in hospital, sad ending! Aside from the betting everyone really just hangs about chatting and drinking, there’s an awesome atmosphere and all the usual best dressed competitions, food available and even a onesie race towards the end of the day, brilliant to watch! Such a great way to see everyone before we left for our road trip after the weekend.

diggers race track.


myself and sammy.


girlies- sarah, me and laura.


lor, bob, sam and me.


my favourite quilpie people!


sam, me and boss man drew.



2 responses to “quilpie races and rodeo.

  1. Subscribed to your blog a few weeks ago and I love reading it!!
    Sounds like you are having an amazing time and you’re getting to see so many amazing places away from the east coast (which is always nice and refreshing!)
    Happy travels!


    • Hey! Thank you so much, having such a great time and absolutely loving seeing more than just the east coast! Although I have just done a bit of that too so will be writing about it soon, sorry haha! Thank you for subscribing and reading! 🙂 x


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