when will i see you again.

After an amazing 12 days with my Dad and Gill it’s time to say goodbye. Sorry, not goodbye, just see ya later. We’ve had such an incredible time travelling the east coast with them, there has barely been a minute to sit down so I’m very behind with my writing but will be catching up over the next week or so. After a lovely final dinner together at ‘Jimmy’s on the Mall’ in Brisbane we waved goodbye from the train platform as they headed to their hotel near the airport, ready to catch a flight to Sydney the next morning. There was a very emotional goodbye with lots of hugs, I tried to run along side the train waving but damn electric trains move quickly, then as soon as the train was out of sight I burst into tears! Very emotional saying goodbye to family after such an amazing time together, especially as we’re not sure when we’ll see each other again, 10 months apart was difficult but made better knowing they were coming to visit, now I don’t know when we’ll all be together again.

We now have two days in Brisbane before heading back to Quilpie for a couple of weeks/months to work again, I’ll be running the newsagency to help Elle out whilst she goes to visit her mum again who is still in hospital. We don’t have much of a plan for how long we’ll stay but hopefully we’ll figure all that out when we get there! We’ve seen a few places along the coast that we really liked so may head up to one of them to settle and get jobs, I’ve never been so plan free in my life and I’m not sure if it’s great or not but I’m not stressed about it which must be a good sign!



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