the ship that never sinks.

Friendship, the ship that never sinks, except when it does because you’re thousands of miles from home with a 9 hour time difference and everyone’s lives are carrying on without you. Having now been away from home for quite a while I’m definitely missing friends and family. It’s so difficult to maintain friendships from the other side of the world, no matter how strong the friendship is. The first time I really started to think about it was a couple of weeks ago whilst trying to make plans for one of my best friends hen do.

Another friend (hey Ali!) and I once said that we knew who our close friends were by deciding ‘who would be a bridesmaid at your wedding if you had to get married tomorrow’. Once you slip off that list the friendship has kind of fizzled out… From my list of bridesmaids I’m struggling to keep in touch with everyone on a regular basis, everyone has their own lives, house, boyfriend, family, dogs, cars etc. and somehow in a social media obsessed world we find it difficult to send a text, a facebook message or make a call on skype to someone who is far away, I wish there was time to sit at my phone and message everyone, everyday! Everyone asks when are you coming home? Forgetting that it’s just as easy for them to save up and jump on a plane as it is for me to, the difference is that I’m somewhere you can come for a holiday and sit in the sun all day with a cocktail in hand! But seriously, any one of my friends and family are welcome to visit, wherever I am at the time there will be a bed/sofa/air bed for you. Just kidding, obviously I would sacrifice my bed for you!

For all the brilliant times, unforgettable memories and amazing new friends you meet whilst travelling and living abroad, there are also (believe it or not) some low times, and it’s things like missing out on organising your friends hen do, their first child being born, a new puppy, or significant birthdays that really make you realise you’re a hell of a long way from home. I guess what i’m trying to say is friends, family, loved ones, I miss you all a heck of a lot and wish I could be there to share these wonderful times with you, but seeing as I can’t right now, we’ll just have to make more incredible memories when I return.

some of my beautiful family and friends…

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