the great barrier reef.

Our first morning together started very early so we could make it up to Port Douglas in time to catch our boat out to the Great Barrier Reef, the coastal drive was lovely even though we were doing it a lot earlier than we all would have liked! There’s free parking at the marina in Port Douglas so we were able to leave the car there all day which was great, we checked in at the Poseidon Outer Reef Cruises office before boarding our amazing boat to head out onto the water. Everyone had been talking about how windy it was the last week and we were amazed to find that the day we took the tour the wind had gone, the ocean was calm and all the crew were talking about how lucky we all were, having been in Port Douglas the week of the epic winds we knew this wasn’t just a ploy that they used on everyone! There was complimentary tea and coffee available as well as fruit and pastries, not a bad way to start the day! We were talked through all the health and safety as we made our way out, given snorkels and flippers and told a bit about the first site we were visiting. Finally we arrived at the first snorkel spot where we had a huge area of reef to explore, I don’t even remember how long we were out there for but it was absolutely amazing! I don’t know many people who have been to the reef so I hadn’t heard a lot of opinions, but I’d seen a lot of pictures and they just did not to the place justice…

12032181_10156126315255142_1312291157502343051_n 12042982_10156123567675142_8157489187093049656_n 1780889_10156123570930142_7206179678441199126_n

After what must have been an hour to an hour and a half we jumped back on board the boat and set off to our next snorkelling site. One of the crew gave us such an informative talk about the living organism that was right below us, about the different types of coral, different fish, it was so interesting to hear about. Oh and there was cake too so I mean… absolute winner for me! We then arrived at our second snorkelling site, although each site had similar types of coral it was still so varied at each spot we visited, different fish, different colours, just amazing!

12046706_10156123570595142_3658806346966653276_n 12049605_10156123570540142_6801284694130230344_n 12063376_10156123560930142_3685647374926025475_n 12118676_10156123567660142_7125644597237237287_n

As we arrived at the third snorkelling site, Nursery Bommie, lunch was served, and none of the limp excuses for a buffet you often find on similar tours, but a beautiful spread of salad, pasta, seafood, meats, fruit and cake. Part of me wanted to sit and enjoy seconds and thirds it was so good, but the beautiful reef was calling so after filling our growling tummies we were straight back in the water. The third and final site was my favourite I think, there seemed to be so much to explore, one of the crew also takes you on a guided tour of the reef which is amazing, so good to actually be directed to interesting things to look at and learn even more. There was never any real rush on the trip, we always had more than enough time in each site was great and were kept entertained during the short boat rides to each new site. On our way back to the mainland we got chatting to a couple that it turned out we’d met in Port Douglas a few days before who were visiting their sons, what a small world!

12049599_10156123575965142_4307949373227101005_n 12042800_10156123568010142_8563978865142723381_n 12039634_10156123568035142_7014470322138430132_n 12036786_10156123577990142_4269651244395290370_n 12036594_10156123567255142_5182569241317446054_n 11011100_10156123567925142_5750648745627965158_n


Safe to say we were all shattered once we arrived back on dry land, especially after filling up on a beer and more cake on the journey back, but I would do that tour again and again if it meant seeing beautiful sites like that everyday. We’d seen some amazing little cabins on the beach at Ellis Beach, so headed back down there and booked into one for the night, a beautiful location to finish off a beautiful day!


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