deja vu, mission beach.

Seemingly early mornings quickly became a big theme for our east coast adventure, I’m not sure myself, Sam, Dad or Gill were very happy about this but hey, early bird catches the worm! After an amazing night at Ellis Beach in a cabin overlooking the beach we woke up just before sunrise to catch it at it’s most beautiful, it did not disappoint. We did attempt to go back to sleep but were all so awake by then that we gave up and instead got ready to head to our next destination, mission beach.

sunrise at ellis beach.


We spent a wonderfully sunny and breezy afternoon at mission beach, very different to the rainy and windy day we’d seen the last time we were here! On our way out later that afternoon we stopped by one of the fruit stalls at the side of the road and picked up some local produce, literally the best tasting fruit I’ve had; bananas, rock melon and some avocados for breakfast the next day, all a lot cheaper than the supermarket as well.

mission beach.

12032067_10156126316070142_5804341752955711501_n 11205539_10156126316205142_4469745864019816928_n

local fruit stalls.

12049610_10156126316110142_5971439722265592224_n 12038461_10156126316010142_9207080998488004262_n

Just outside of Cardwell we pulled up at a lookout with an amazing view of Hinchinbrook Island, it had been somewhere on my list of places to go but we somehow didn’t make it over there. It looked very beautiful from a distance though, maybe we’ll have to make a trip back one day.

hinchinbrook island.


Before reaching Townsville we made a stop at Little Crystal Creek again for a quick swim. Gill used to go swimming outdoors a lot as a child so it seemed a great place to stop and do the same thing now. The water wasn’t the warmest I’ll be honest, but we still had a great time and once you’d been in for a while you soon warmed up! Finally we dragged ourselves out and carried on to Townsville, where we found an amazing place at Q Serviced Apartments for the night. A two bedroomed flat overlooking Castle Hill, it was state of the art, beautifully furnished, two bathrooms and a gorgeous balcony where we sat and ate dinner after a quick dash to Coles to buy a lasagne! What a night of luxury we had, so much so that we decided we’d stay a second night as well, as we were planning on heading to Magnetic Island the next day anyway.

our gorgeous apartment.



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