magnetic island and the tiny pink car.

Another day, another early start for our east coast trip and after a perfect nights sleep at our Q Apartment I was less than impressed at having to get up at 7am to call and see if we could catch a ferry over to Magnetic Island and rent a car there for the day! But I did and luckily there were still cars available, the only downside to us not planning anything and just seeing what happened on this trip was that we were quite often trying to book day trips to islands at the last possible minute which was a slight stress, but luckily always sorted out in the end.

We booked our return ferry and car hire with SeaLink, just $42 per person this was incredible value and I would say the best way to see the island. The ferries run from early morning to late evening which gave us a lot of freedom and a decent amount of time to explore the island. We’d read about these small topless cars that we were renting and thought they just seemed like a novelty way to get around, plus it was cheaper than taking our own car, bonus, however when we arrived at the rental place my dad and Sam were less than impressed with the car we had hired, come to think of it I’m not sure Gill was a fan either, so maybe it was just me who thought it was the greatest thing I’d ever seen, introducing, tiny pink car…!

12063862_10156126316485142_5730437314743211291_n 12049275_10156126316700142_3667438578614892071_n

Probably adding to everyone else’s concerns about the tiny pink car was the fact that everyone hiring them were girls, there was actually a few red versions as well but when we were asked which colour we wanted I answered pink before anyone else could have a say, we couldn’t hire a tiny doorless, roofless car and not have it in a completely novelty colour! I think, or at least I tell myself, that everyone else grew to love the car and had a great day out in it!

Our first stop was Picnic Bay, a beautiful beach and the closest one to the ferry terminal.

12118875_10156126316525142_7114877385313890916_n 12039374_10156126316550142_8312338352447362447_n

As we drove towards our next stop the rest of the group were in desperate need of a coffee fix, something that was a regular occurrence throughout the trip, not liking coffee I just can’t understand it, but it gave us a great excuse to stop at my new favourite place on the island, Gilligans. The decor is amazing, the food is great, the banana smoothie is heavenly and the staff are super friendly, everything about the place is just fab.

11215184_10156126316895142_6706366571889091543_n 10632836_10156126316890142_4815280691204940111_n

dad relaxing on a recliner at gilligans.

12074572_10156126316985142_8319360898306688984_n 12039417_10156126316930142_582368905450521564_n

table numbers with a difference.


mmm, caramel slice, heaven.


We carried on to Horseshoe Bay where we spent a wonderful morning relaxing on the beach there, as well as the beach and the water sports there are a few shops, cafes and bars too, with plenty of beautiful holiday apartments to rent nearby as well. For lunch we had AMAZING fish and chips from one of the cafes, literally so good, could have eaten another there and then! We also saw a couple of koala’s in the trees along the main road which was awesome, que us pulling up at the side of the road getting in the way of traffic to get some good pics!

A very long walk was needed after the amount of food we’d put away so we set out on the Forts Walk, a couple of kilometres through forest and sea views. I didn’t even know there was any world war two history on Maggie Island but the Fort Walk soon taught us otherwise! As well as ruins left behind after the war we also saw even more koalas! Even a tiny joey with it’s mum on quite a low level tree, so we got a really good look. It doesn’t matter how many times you see wildlife like that it’s still great each time you see it again!

12144880_10156126321710142_2268882636235234442_n 12039654_10156126321945142_5655117600617222824_n 10170823_10156126322355142_5234769893960725380_n 12036880_10156126322365142_3403534277017157689_n

After an amazing walk that took way longer than it should have done on account of all the wildlife, we made it back to our tiny pink car, and continued on to Arthurs Bay to get in the cool ocean as quickly as possible cus we were all dripping with sweat as it was so hot that day! Heat, plus lots of walking, plus english people is not a great mix!

We made our way back to the ferry terminal in time for what I thought was the next ferry, turns out that I had read the timetable wrong and that one wasn’t running on that day…whoops! Luckily Sam and Dad went for a walk and saw some rock wallabies which they then took Gill to see, so I don’t think I was in too much trouble for making us well over an hour early for the ferry! Sadly we had already said goodbye to our wonderful pink hire car 😦 By the time we were on the ferry it was dark and fairly cold so I was happy to be back on dry land, not to mention in our gorgeous apartment with my first indian take away since we arrive in Australia! That was short lived however, because Aussies, I’m afraid to say this but your Indian take aways are the absolute worst, never again! We did sit and eat it on our amazing balcony with a great view and plenty of drinks though, so it wasn’t all bad!


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