airlie beach.

We made the 3 hour drive to Airlie Beach and arrived in time to book ourselves onto a trip round the whitsundays, this managed to take us a good couple of hours as we wandered from place to place trying to explain what we wanted to see and do and how we wanted to do it, no one it seemed had the perfect solution, until we got to Happy Travels! I love Happy Travels as a brand because we spent many a wonderful night sat outside the front of the one in Melbourne, using their free wifi and drinking, so naturally I was drawn towards their friendly little office. After explaining everything we wanted to see and do to one of the guys working there, he talked firstly me, then the rest of the family through loads of different options and prices, made a few calls and finally we had the perfect whitsundays trip booked, with Ocean Rafting, even pick up was at the friendly time of 9am. Thanks Happy Travels for helping us out so much!


12038099_10156132217950142_4731514607701115233_nThen it was off to look for somewhere to stay for the night, we decided to go with Nomads/X Base as they had a campsite for us and private rooms with bathrooms for Dad and Gill, the camping was great but I think the rooms were very on the basic side with walls made of paper, oh dear.

our tent set up, complete with our new hammock.


We’d been given some vouchers for food at one of the bars in town so naturally made the most of it, Dad reckoned he was the only person over 30 in the whole bar, not true, but the food was really good! Even without the half price vouchers we got the food was only $15 each, definitely worth checking out Beaches if you’re travelling on a budget but fancy dinner out somewhere. Even after we’d walked round the town and along the harbour, the bar at the hostel was still banging, much to dads disappointment, but luckily it didn’t seem to affect our sleep and the bar closed an hour or so later at about midnight.


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