uninvited dinner guests.

After our incredible day out at the Whitsundays we made the short drive further down the coast to Mackay, where we stayed in a great little holiday park just outside the city. We had a great BBQ dinner and were sat enjoying a few drinks when two possums came and joined us! Dad and Gill have been incredibly lucky with wildlife spotting this whole trip so this was just another great thing to tick off the list! The possums were obviously very used to eating scraps from the campsite as they quickly devoured all of ours, before posing for some great pictures which kept us entertained for about an hour and a half!

11148594_10156137532525142_7022624314501892783_n 11219100_10156137532480142_7141898337119409502_n

I’d forgotten how early you wake up when sleeping in a tent, but as everyone else was up fairly early as well it meant we got a good start on our day of driving. No matter where we visit in Australia there always seems to be at least one day where all you seem to do for the whole day is sit in the car, unfortunately that day had come for us. We had thought there would be a couple of places to stop off but Rockhampton came and went, aside from being the beef capital of Australia I think it was mainly just a small city and there wasn’t much that interest us there so we carried on. Then Gladstone came into view and I have no idea why it was on my list of places to go because it was just a lot of mines, factories and a couple of streets of shops, needless to say we bounced out of there pretty quickly.

We made a quick stop at Tannum Sands to pick up some lunch, by this point it was 3.30pm and all we’d eaten that day was a magnum, we were in need of food! Finally though we made it to our destination for the evening, 1770, and oh it was so worth the day of driving. We checked into Captain Cook Holiday Village where we had a really cute little wooden cabin with a balcony, the perfect place for our second lasagne of the trip and a few drinks as well, now this is a life I could get used to!



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