agnes water and seventeen seventy.

Potentially one of my favourite places of the whole trip, after just checking into our wonderful cabin the night before we had already decided we wanted to stay for another night so we could see the sunset and not have to rush out of this beautiful little spot.

Unbelievably we saw a sign at our accommodation advertising a surf school that ran a 3 hour surf lesson for just $17, we couldn’t believe it and were all of course desperate to try it, so first thing the next morning we headed down to the surf school, ‘Reef 2 Beach‘. This awesome Aussie fella who owned the shop signed us up and sent us on our way to pick up our surf boards, where three instructors met us and handed out rash vests before walking us down to the beach. All the instructors were so friendly and funny as, they made it such a good day, even when you were repeatedly just falling into the water they really helped you out! We were taught the basics on the sand first, then after about 20 minutes of that we were in the water, which was great because obviously you need to understand the basics, but it’s a lot easier to get in the ocean and give it a go! The time absolutely flew and luckily with a bit of a push from one of the instructors I finally managed to stand up on the board, not once, but four times! Sam of course was a natural and Dad and Gill managed to get stood up as well, so it was an amazing day for us all, I couldn’t recommend this place enough if you’re heading down the east coast, if you’re in Australia, you have to try surfing, so why not here!

11222945_10156137535675142_5569707644585739378_nsurfs up.

12066027_10156137535750142_8658400843813258372_ntrying to look cool with my board.

12065681_10156137535760142_4252149628243903438_nsurf crew and our awesome instructors.

12193408_1015286828492422_7622145290863541230_nTo continue our very Aussie day we had a BBQ lunch, just what we needed after 3 hours hard work in the ocean! Then we took a walk down to a beach close to the campsite, but no one was there except for us, it was so strange, but amazing of course.

private beach.



We actually managed to make it to the beach for the sunset that evening, after missing it by about 2 minutes the night before! Because 1770 is on a little cape sticking off at a sort of northern angle you do actually get a sunset here, despite it being on the east coast. The colours in the sky were amazing, these are just a few of the pictures I took, I’m a bit sunset obsessed!




Whilst we were looking for accommodation the night before we spotted a fab looking bar and restaurant that looked out onto the ocean and decided we absolutely had to go there for dinner. Best. Decision. Ever. Tree Bar & Restaurant has some of the most amazing food, in particular sea food I’ve ever had and the best bit, it’s incredibly priced. As it’s the only place looking out onto the ocean in this tiny town, you’d think they’d have charged a fortune just because they could, but instead we were paying between $28-£35 for a main, which is what I’d expect to pay in English money. The staff were friendly and the food was fantastic, that plus great company and a wonderful setting and we just had an amazing night. I think if we’d had more time we’d have stayed here for weeks, what a great place.


heaven on a plate.



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