the bundaberg rum factory.

For some reason we nearly didn’t go to Bundaberg to give us more time along further down the coast, but quickly realised that was a silly thing to do and so set off bright and early, to get to the Bundaberg Rum Factory, which includes free samples… at 10 in the morning.

Before you go on the actual tour, there’s a self guided bit that has loads of history about the factory, the two big fires that destroyed the whole place twice, some of the equipment used and a bit about the advertising and marketing as well which is pretty interesting.

12196338_10156143019715142_6799950861913331511_n 12191932_10156143018810142_1883808600132006133_n 12190069_10156143018850142_4337051148886275292_n 12187800_10156143019300142_9041730631776373426_nUnfortunately though after that you’re not allowed to take any phones or cameras, so I couldn’t get any pictures of the actual factory which kind of sucks. Because they’re dealing with such high proof alcohol they can’t risk the sparks if you dropped something like that so everything is banned. But the tour was good, the guides have to be those over the top, shouting (literally) about how much they love rum and their job and everything else which didn’t go down too well with the rest of our group, who were either over 70 or couldn’t understand the guides, but we enjoyed it. Finally came the most exciting bit, the rum tasting!

12193822_10156143019775142_806362142792058779_nThe guides talk you through the different types, different years, different flavours, everything really to help you decide which to try. I had potentially the greatest drink I’ve ever had in my life, mango and passion fruit rum, best thing, ever! If you like rum and have time to head to Bundaberg, then it’s definitely worth a visit!

12144880_10156143020315142_5832671773598305652_n 12109275_10156143020635142_7528976560005241877_n


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