off roading on fraser island.

When we arrived in Hervey Bay we went straight to look for somewhere to stay that night, we only looked at two places before going back to our first choice which was the YHA just a few minutes walk from the harbour. We rented a lovely two bedroom cabin, probably one of the nicest on the inside that we’d had the whole trip. The menu at the bar just across from our room was incredibly cheap, around $10 for a main meal, so obviously we ate out that evening, not the best food I’ve ever had I’ll be honest, but for so cheap who can complain!

On our journey down to Hervey Bay we managed to hire a 4×4 and book our barge for a day trip to Fraser Island with Fraser Magic. They were super helpful and managed to sort everything out for us, you guessed it, less than a day before we wanted to set off. We really have managed to leave everything to the last minute this trip! Probably our earliest start of the last couple of weeks we had to be at the hire depot at 6.30, so not cool!


We picked up this absolute beauty Land Rover and after watching a video about how to drive on the island, safety etc. we set off to catch our barge over to Fraser Island. The ferry left about 20 minutes late which kind of sucked as we were on precious time on the island, but finally we made it and disembarked the boat, drove on bitchumen for about 1 kilometre and then it turned to crazy, bumpy, wild dirt road, and so the fun began!

12187944_10156143021355142_5183424478232272095_nThe off roading isn’t just a bit bumpy, it’s super intense round the whole island, we were bouncing all over the car and it was SO much fun. Then when we got to the beach we had to switch between low and high gear to get through the soft sand and not get bogged anywhere! Our first stop was Lake Allom, which is full of turtles! The company that we rented the car from told us that if you stand by the side of the lake and clap then the turtles will pop their heads up, so we all stood there clapping like idiots, when loads of turtles started appearing! So cool! 

12063782_10156143021850142_7961802216272625625_n 12189074_10156143022230142_183421386877576910_n

Then we went to see Knifeblade Sandblow, which is metres and metres of sand that’s literally been moving and blowing into the island from the beach for years. Not the best view, but pretty cool to see!

knifeblade sandblow.

12193414_10156143017915142_5084910477422528638_nscribbly gum.
12191817_10156143019075142_5332426395198679885_n 11029984_10156143022715142_7676276692971564912_nOn our way back down the beach we stopped at Moheno shipwreck, a Tasman passenger boat that was wrecked on Fraser Island years ago. It’s incredible how well it’s survived. Apparently though it’s starting to fall to bits pretty fast so there is a big sign telling you not to go too close, which of course everyone was ignoring!

11037152_10156143019255142_5326159947189178745_n 12049556_10156143019670142_5765825020342682437_n 11221451_10156143019485142_2501242152318596109_nJust past the shipwreck is Ellis Creek, with crystal clear water and a lovely chilled out vibe, it’s a great place to relax for a bit. If you walk up to the top of the creek there’s a real strong current that you can sort of float to the bottom on, it’s awesome. Probably better if you had a rubber ring or something to lie on, but we sort of floated along using our hands a bit haha!

12193668_10156143020875142_7858269789896277220_n 12189026_10156143020805142_4517353843558137172_nWith everywhere only being accessible on crazy roads it takes a long time to get from place to place, so the last thing we had time to do was head to Lake McKenzie, an absolutely gorgeous lake with clear waters and white sands. It was a bit cold for me to get in but Dad and Sam went for a swim, needless to say that didn’t last very long! 

12191688_10156143021075142_3808999517798560165_n 12195853_10156143021435142_4254550426434938533_n

We made it back to the barge, with a quick stop at a souvenir shop, obviously, ready to head back to the mainland for the last time on our east coast trip. The trip back was a lot more picturesque than the morning which was a bit grey. This is probably the only place that I thought we probably could have done with more time in, there was just so much to see.
12191987_10156143021750142_3893232935099033430_n 12065696_10156143022415142_1428910128812401273_n 12195860_10156143022565142_3576753957753547872_n

As we were staying at the same place for our second night at Hervey Bay we went over to the bar for dinner again, this time the food was really nice, lesson learnt, go for lasagne or fish and chips, not the chicken schnitzel! The rest of our night consisted of drinking and playing cards, not a bad way to spend an evening!


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