happy birthday, beauty of wandering.

Today marks one year since I published my first post, it’s been an incredible year filled with planning and adventure and new places, which has been amazing. As I mentioned a few weeks ago when I reached my 100th post, this blog is fun to write but I do try to keep it informative as well, hopefully it can help people out the way that so many other blogs have helped me with my travels.

Since I started writing I’ve seen people viewing my blog from all over the world and that honestly makes me so happy, how does such a small blog spread to such random corners of the world? I changed over to wordpress earlier this year and much to my annoyance I’m still figuring this platform out! But hopefully I’m getting there slowly and will have it all under control by it’s second birthday!

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments and encourages me to keep sharing my adventures with the internet, travel and writing really are two of my biggest passions so being able to combine them is awesome. Here’s to many more years of exploring and blogging.



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