the sunshine coast.

Sadly our East Coast trip had to come to an end, but happily we spent the last day travelling down the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I had thought that ‘Sunshine Coast’ was a place in itself but soon realised that clearly it’s an area with a few different places within it, so our first stop, was Noosa. We’d been told to make a visit to Massimos for the best ice cream we’d ever have so naturally that was our first stop!

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Whilst the ice cream was good at Massimo’s, it definitely wasn’t as good as the like of Messina in Sydney and Melbourne. They did have some amazing flavours though, like toblerone, ferrero rocher and white chocolate, yum. There’s a really nice boardwalk along the beach that we took to try and burn off our sugary breakfast, for some reason we decided rock scrambling our way back would be a good idea… Obviously it wasn’t, but it was good fun and gave us a bit of adventure! The actual town of Noosa was really sweet and somewhere I could definitely live, lots of cafes and restaurants and cute little shops, if it wasn’t so overrun with people attending the triathlon the next day we would have happily spent the whole day there.

12189104_10156150656130142_6545580734637701085_n 10989419_10156150656415142_2397955543459001134_n 12195970_10156150656675142_1152244043994037863_n 12193845_10156150656495142_6212407749529812104_n

Instead though we carried on a bit further down the coast to Caloundra, where we stopped for our last few hours of beach sunbathing, and the last can of cider each too, stay classy.


I didn’t have Glasshouse Mountains on my list of things to see in Queensland but Dad had heard it was good so off we went. It’s a really beautiful drive through forests and small country roads, only problem that the forest does cover what could be great views of the mountains! Luckily though there is a designated lookout with a great view, you can even see Brisbane in the distance! One of the great things about today was that everything we did was free, you don’t always need to spend loads of money to have a great time!

12196097_10156150658915142_1285131101695998967_n 1610993_10156150657245142_4015927969936134014_n 12193757_10156150658540142_5258225648173381383_n 12065537_10156150657920142_6340502786954697111_n 12065826_10156150657900142_8237346330657407053_n 12186677_10156150658515142_3103104288304890300_o


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