brisbane, round two.

This was our second visit to Brisbane and now that we were with my Dad and Gill and could be proper tourists for the day we really enjoyed being in the city. We walked through the main shopping streets to the Victoria Bridge, where we caught the free city hop on hop off boat.

12196082_10156150659575142_7027378252326732950_n 12190085_10156150659905142_3176777060021156218_n 12191996_10156150659390142_1168360783841888295_nThe boat trip down the river provides a different perspective of the city and shows the high rise offices, hotels and buildings meeting the sky and white clouds above.

12191746_10156150660430142_8465104766327258427_n 12191656_10156150656760142_322343291533153407_n

We passed under the Story Bridge, before hopping off at the very end of the Southbank, giving us a lovely 2km walk back along the other side of the river. Wish I’d worn different shoes though, my super pretty but not very practical sandals started to rub, ouch!

12191477_10156150657130142_7080621983885664298_n 12063772_10156150660365142_8075735063973603009_n

If you stood looking at Southbank with your back to the high rise you’d have no idea you were in the middle of the city, there’s a huge Streets Beach with pools, sand, water slides and loads of other fun stuff for kids. Unfortunately I think we were a bit too big for all the fun stuff! There’s so much greenery as well, with an amazing tunnel of purple/pink flowers growing too.

The Epicurious garden was probably my favourite part, this garden grows chilis, herbs and fruits which you are able to pick and take with you, what an amazing idea.

Very randomly there is also a Nepalese Pagoda just past the Streets Beach, incredibly decorated with such intricate designs.

12196014_10156150659100142_3738998180314808034_n 12208252_10156150659245142_7743203239273335574_n

Our next walk was through Fortitude Valley, all the way along to New Farm. We saw some incredible houses and apartments in the New Farm area, where I could only dream of living! After spending an entire day walking, it was even starting to get dark, and not finding any restaurants that we fancied for our last supper, we caught a bus back into the centre and went to Jimmy’s on the Mall, a lovely bar and restaurant overlooking the high street. The food was fantastic and their dessert platter for two is absolutely incredible, you have to try it for yourself.


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