what now?

Well it’s been just over 2 weeks since we arrived back in the incredibly hot, incredibly dry, but incredibly beautiful outback. Whilst it was good to come back and for me to walk straight into a job, we hadn’t managed to find one for Sam before we arrived. Luckily he managed to get one days work the first day we were back, then we had a couple of days in the shop together which was super helpful for me, so much easier to stay on top of things when there’s two of you! Even more lucky somebody from one of the properties about 100km out of town had some fencing work as well, only bad thing about 100km out of town is that it also means you’ll be staying away whilst the jobs on too, which country people don’t understand is a bit tough for us when we’ve stayed together every night since the day before we moved to Australia nearly 11 months ago! I’ll admit I’m also a bit of a wimp and don’t like being along on a night, the dark freaks me out especially in a strange house!


A lot has changed out here in the 5 weeks we were away, it’s hot a lot hotter, always between about 30-40. It’s even been 45 the last day or so, eek! It got very humid too, making some nights when the temperature doesn’t drop pretty unbearable (the house we’re staying in doesn’t have working air con). There’s a lot of dust storms around too, meaning things/people are often covered in red dirt!


I took a trip out to Canaway Downs on my first weekend alone to see where Sam is working, the drive is all dirt road so not very enjoyable in little Suzie the Subaru! I made it though and had a wonderful dinner with the couple he’s working for, oh and their 4 boys, all under the age of 10! The next morning on my way back into town to open up the shop I wasn’t so lucky with the road and had a tyre blow out 30km out of town, eek!


I thought I knew what I was doing and could really easily put the spare on myself and away I’d go, unfortunately though even my entire body weight jumping on the lever to undo the bolts on the tyre would not make them budge… so I was stuck. Thank god for Jodie, who’s property I’d stayed at the night before, I’d only been there about 15 minutes before she came along the road on her way to Charleville and helped me out, think I may still be sat at the side of the dirt if it wasn’t for her.


Sam came home later in the week after just over a week out there, the money for fencing on a property is really good, if you’re looking for a quick way to save up, definitely give it a try. I’ve been busy with Christmas decoration and stock in the shop which has been fun, although it still doesn’t feel like Christmas yet, way too hot for that!


So our plans at the minute are to save up as much as possible whilst baking in the outback sun! The weather can get up to 50 degrees in January and February time so I don’t think we’ll be sticking around for that! For now we’re thinking we’ll probably head off a few days before Christmas and go to the coast for a week or so before getting a job somewhere else, but if the amount of times our previous plans changed are anything to go by, it’s safe to say that might not be what actually happens!



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