here’s some of what i learnt.

After reading this brilliantly simple and to the point article about how someone from America views England whilst they were visiting, I decided to write my own version/completely steal his brilliant idea and write a similar list about Australia:

-everything worth seeing is at the end of a dirt track

-the sun is a completely different level of heat and strength to anywhere else in the world


-however the weather is definitely not always sunshine and blue skies

-the ‘c’ word is used as an affectionate term in general day to day conversations

-thongs are not a small piece of underwear, that’s the word they use for flip flops

-the beaches are awesome, some of the best in the world


-radiators are not a thing, no one even knows what they are

-it’s a big place, you could drive the same distance as one end of England to the other, and still not have driven from top to bottom of just ONE state in Australia

-no matter where you go something is always trying to kill you, spiders, sharks, crocodiles, snakes…

-in the outback, people are obsessed with their lawns and are jealous of those with nice green grass

-in the summer it gets so hot that your thongs melt into the road, they actually melt into the tarmac

-they have ad breaks what seems like every 5 minutes on TV


-the television adverts are terrible and the same few are repeated over and over again between shows

-despite them originating from here, Aussies do not wear and don’t even like UGG boots

-if you don’t like beetroot on your burger or salad, be sure to specifically ask for it without, even if it’s not listed on the ingredients, trust me it’ll be there

-petrol is about half the price as it is in England, and cars are a lot cheaper too

-you’ll be greeted with ‘how you going’, there isn’t really an answer for this question and no one expects one, just say the same thing back to be polite!



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